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  • Internet Service Providers
  • VSP/Phone Companies
  • Multi-Service Operations
  • Fiber to the Home Providers
  • Solution Providers
  • Help Desk, Support, or Call Centers
  • IT Departments

Solution Partners

Add depth to your offering and recurring revenue to your bottom line.

By utilizing the scalable, on-demand BOSS infrastructure, you can provide an enterprise level, low-cost solution to your clients. With our metered pricing and immediate availability, you’ll complete projects more quickly than with off-the-shelf alternatives. BOSS solves integration problems, reduces your clients’ risk and deepens your product offering and potential revenue opportunity.

Our Solution Partners are:

  • Systems integrators
  • Hardware manufacturers
  • Network engineering companies
  • Private consulting agencies
  • Technical outsourcing firms

BOSS Platform Benefits


As a complete integration platform, BOSS allows our partners to tap into an on-demand, scalable infrastructure for their back office projects. BOSS has a complete set of APIs that can be used to provide external access to BOSS data, as well as points of integration for hardware and client devices for service provisioning. BOSS can support several standard API protocols (HTTP, SOAP, CORBA) and can be accessed through most communications protocols.


Using IntraMeta’s Web Template Framework, our partners can rapidly deploy new Web applications or extensions of BOSS’ functionality without concern for the implementation details of back-end storage. This represents a dramatic evolution beyond the current popular technology stacks such as LAMP and Ruby.

To suit their needs and the needs of their clients, partners are also able to completely customize their BOSS interface as a wholesale or OEM product, using their brand and identity system.

Complete or Point Solution

While the power of a unified back office platform dwarfs that of a set of independent systems, BOSS can very quickly be adapted for a point solution to an immediate problem. Available individually or as a complete solution suite, BOSS modules benefit from the native integration provided by BOSS and can be integrated using APIs. Flexible enough to address the needs of small businesses as well as large enterprises, BOSS’ technology ensures a smooth migration and non-disruptive existence with current systems.

Revenue sharing

Through our utility computing services and revenue sharing program, our partners earn recurring monthly income on all projects that use our services and technology. This is a unique, long-term revenue opportunity to strengthen and improve the overall value of their businesses.

Complete Support Program

Our partners receive specialized support and training accompanied with extensive documentation to ensure the maximum efficiency and success of their projects. We can also provide end-customer support if necessary.

Interested in our Solution Partner program? Please contact us.