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  • Internet Service Providers
  • VSP/Phone Companies
  • Multi-Service Operations
  • Fiber to the Home Providers
  • Solution Providers
  • Help Desk, Support, or Call Centers
  • IT Departments

One BOSS to manage them all.

As the reach of high-speed access to the Internet grows, providers are faced with introducing an ever growing number of emerging services to their subscribers. This effort is focused on keeping their customers satisfied and allows the provider to stay competitive in a blurring landscape. Voice over IP, IP television, and wireless connectivity have all been combined with high-speed data connections by many providers, transforming them into media service providers with a much broader audience. The prospect of delivering these new services in addition to managing their legacy networks is daunting. The additional new services increase the network and operations complexity exponentially. Each service requires expertise as well as comprehensive knowledge about the related hardware. Managing all these services and equipment as a single network is both complicated and costly.

Enter BOSS Service Provisioning from IntraMeta. Leveraging the unified, on-demand BOSS back office gives providers a single interface to manage all subscriber services: data connections, e-mail, web hosting, IPTV, VoIP and wireless access. BOSS Service Provisioning is an end-to-end platform that uses a combination of the DHCP, RADIUS, SNMP, and TFTP protocols (among others), giving providers a cost-effective means of managing their current services and ensuring the quick turn-up of enhanced services tomorrow.

BOSS seamlessly manages your entire offering with increased visibility that will:

  • Automate triple play service provisioning
  • Provide full oversight into provisioning progress
  • Provide durable processing of provisioning events for processes within a fulfillment chain
  • Allow hands-off activation with customer portal integration
  • Provide extensible hardware support for easy service migration
  • Automatically disconnect services for late or non-payment
  • Support variable service offerings
  • Provide packet level visibility for troubleshooting new services
  • Show connection history for quick compliance with LE or goverment requests
  • Provide a full API for secure third party access

Easily adaptable to new hardware and technologies, BOSS gives you plenty of room to grow and still manages it all.