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Keep control of even the smallest details.

BOSS gives you the flexibility to define all of the tasks that make up your employee’s charge. From customer installations to complete network rollouts, you have control over every aspect of your projects and business workflows. Tasks can be automated through custom scripting environments or delegated automatically to the right employee every time. Each can be custom tailored to suit its scope or context, giving the same task different success or failure thresholds based on the workflow it’s in. This gives you as much control as necessary to manage operations day-to-day.

Key Features

  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Assign tasks to the right person every time, automatically
  • Escalate issues before they become real problems
  • Roll-back any changes if a task fails
  • Require agents to collect information at each step in a workflow
  • Oversee the progress of each task in real time
  • Transitions of tasks from one department are smooth with all necessary information in one place
  • Integrate external systems into your workflows to create reports or synchronize data