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  • Internet Service Providers
  • VSP/Phone Companies
  • Multi-Service Operations
  • Fiber to the Home Providers
  • Solution Providers
  • Help Desk, Support, or Call Centers
  • IT Departments

Automate. Simplify. Visualize.

The BOSS provisioning engine gives the operator a complete, flexible toolset to deploy their services without the underlying infrastructure forcing their hand to make compromises. The engine insulates the operator from the nuances between hardware vendors and different technologies such as DSL versus Fiber versus Fixed Wireless, etc.

A data connection remains a data connection while retaining visibility into the relevant health statistics that pertain to the particular transport technology (DSL, wireless, cable, etc.) Utilizing this method allows deployment of new services quicker or services that would have been cost-prohibitive if the R&D had been done in-house. It also allows the use of a mixture of hardware vendors and services on their network that are managed through a single interface.

Using BOSS, our clients are able to automate the provisioning process using defined workflows to make sure that each customer is activated the same way every time, and that there is proper oversight throughout the process. This reduces human error and training requirements, and saves expensive human resources for more critical tasks.

BOSS more efficiently manages your product quality and capital equipment:

  • Activate multiple services per user or site with any mix of hardware vendors
  • Deploy new services quickly
  • Offer custom packages based on service area
  • Consolidate all service management into a single interface
  • Automate hardware activation
  • Customers and operators can view activation status
  • Intersperse manual and automated tasks on a single fulfillment chain
  • Meter usage for tiered services
  • Monitor bandwidth utilizaiton