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Deliver service, where and how you want.

As the central dashboard for your business, BOSS serves an important role in managing your services in both implementation and definition. BOSS gives you the flexibility to define the services and products you sell from tiered service offering to complex bundles of products and services. With comprehensive billing integration, BOSS can provide a consistent view across your business to ensure that all of your systems are in synch and correct.

BOSS extends its flexibility by allowing the operator to define custom services and pricing down to the user level. With integrated service provisioning operators can provide a hands-off sign-up process for new customers in addition to adding new sources of revenue.

Key Features

  • Define features for each service and their corresponding value
  • Quickly bundle features together as a service offering or other bundles for multiple services
  • Support multiple service levels for tiered pricing
  • Integration with traffic shaping mechanisms for service quality enforcement
  • Set custom pricing levels for specific service areas or customers
  • Provide different services based on geographic location
  • Integrated provisioning for automated service activation
  • Self-Help and Captive Portal interfaces increase product awareness and cash flow
  • Go to market quicker with new services or trial offerings