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This BOSS speaks your language.

BOSS Network Element Management gives the operator a well rounded asset management suite. It allows operators to easily manage the equipment and its relationships with users, sites and the overlaid services. It can be used for recording serial numbers, physical location, manufacturer and model. When using BOSS Ticketing, the operator gains several advantages such as the ability to store attachments like invoices and configuration files, view past problems with the equipment, their resolutions, and record purchase or RMA information to better track vendor support and equipment reliability.

From within BOSS the technical view into the equipment conforms automatically to the specific class of hardware and provides data that is pertinent to the device itself. Flexible enough to handle complicated multi port devices such as switches and routers, as well as devices with unique characteristics or requirements like wireless access points and cable modems. The dynamic BOSS interface keys off of the device type and displays data relevant to that particular class of device. When combined with BOSS Service Provisioning, real time stats can be collected and viewed and changes can be made to the configuration of the equipment on-the-fly, even allowing the operator to reboot the equipment from within BOSS.

BOSS more efficiently manages your product quality and capital equipment:

  • Robust search capability lets you quickly find equipment based on class, location or attributes
  • Quickly organize and export equipment reports for service areas, users and equipment class
  • Keep track of equipment information; serial and model number, manufacturer, or MAC and IP address
  • View real-time status and configuration of devices
  • Awareness of unique technology characteristics for different classes of equipment
  • Configure unique DHCP rules and parameters for individual devices or categories of equipment
  • Auto completion of ticket information for tickets filed against equipment
  • Plug-in architecture quickly accommodates new types of hardware

Easily adaptable to new hardware and technologies, BOSS gives you plenty of room to grow and still manages it all.