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  • Internet Service Providers
  • VSP/Phone Companies
  • Multi-Service Operations
  • Fiber to the Home Providers
  • Solution Providers
  • Help Desk, Support, or Call Centers
  • IT Departments

Provide a more complete experience.

The BOSS Captive Portal is a web based gateway that can serve several roles. The Captive Portal provides a script driven interface to BOSS so that end-users can accomplish a desired task.

Possible tasks include purchasing access for a wireless hotspot, agreeing to a terms of use agreement, or notifying the end-user of a marketing promotion. The scripts are designed by the operator, using existing templates, or are modeled using their own workflow.

In multi-tenant communities such as an apartment complex or college campus, the BOSS Captive Portal can serve as a new subscriber sign-up page, advertising services or promotions, offering a selection of services from which to pick and choose; minimizing the work of collecting a user’s information and getting them online.

When combined with the Self Help application the Captive Portal gives providers a powerful pair of customer relationship management tools to interact with their subscribers and increase the level of control the provider has over the quality of their customer’s experience.

  • User interface appearance that matches existing brand aesthetic
  • Native BOSS platform integration with all BOSS modules
  • Fully customizable scripts for user input
  • Integration with third-party systems
  • Rapid deployment of new services or service areas
  • Providers can selectively offer services or gauge interest in new services
  • Increased subscriber awareness of new or additional services
  • Opens up additional revenue opportunities
  • Minimizes manual work for new customer sign-up
  • Helps promote high-margin services
  • Increase service uptake through simple, automated activation
  • Strengthens legal protection when subscribers violate terms of service
  • Minimizes the effect of power users on the rest of the subscriber base or service area
  • Lowers hurdles for government agency compliance (CALEA)
  • Heightened awareness of the customer experience