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The power of a unified platform.

Subscriber Management is the core module within BOSS that allows for the management and manipulation of user accounts. From within the Subscriber Management interface, operators may search for user accounts, produce reports, and organize and manage individual user accounts and their active services.

Subscriber management is the interface that wraps up all of the information about an account into a single view. It provides all of the user's usage data, contact and billing information, hardware and connection details. This data can be collected or changes can be made to individual user accounts for all the BOSS services being used, including any other systems and services that have been integrated with the BOSS platform.

The fully integrated BOSS interface empowers providers with the ability to offer greater levels of service by giving customer service representatives access to as much or as little of the account as needed. A flat technical support organization frees providers from fractured customer support and liberates their customers from a maze of menu options when calling for help.

Subscriber Management Components

  • Simple and advanced search gives quick easy access to accounts
  • Search results can be quickly sorted, filtered and exported
  • Dynamically displays information for all services associated to the account in view
  • Secure web access with highly configurable permissions support
  • Sub-accounts allow you to provide service to other household members
  • View account activity to verify service quality and view history
  • Single status for all services, accounts are modified with a single click
  • Complete logging of Agent activity within BOSS for auditing