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A support system that understands your business.

IntraMeta’s Ticketing software reaches far beyond the management of customer support issues by offering the operator the ability to customize the ticketing system to their needs. Ticketing can be tailored to any business task from tackling traditional support issues, to tracking new sales prospects, managing software development projects, equipment RMA, or purchasing. IntraMeta Ticketing is a complete solution for any task based project.

IntraMeta Ticketing is fully configurable, allowing the operator to create custom status levels, priorities or categories of tickets that can be reassigned through manual, automatic or event based policies. This, combined with custom data fields for each category, allows the operator to model any part of their business within the ticketing system.

IntraMeta has taken a more ‘design-your-own’ approach to its solution. And because it’s a BOSS module, it’s completely integrated with any user accounts, network elements, and provisioned services already managed by BOSS. With the level of flexibility available, IntraMeta’s ticketing solution gives our clients and their staff an increased awareness of their business and their customer’s needs. Customers gain a sense of empowerment over the level of service they receive and ultimately receive better service as a result.

Key Features

  • Customizable for any business need
  • Advanced search and sorting functionality
  • Manual, automatic and event driven configurability
  • Flexible and automated notification and escalation
  • Problematic service or hardware notification
  • Tightly integrated with e-mail for change notification or creating tickets
  • Report builder lets you design and save searches for quick access
  • Historical based reports can be saved to create time based metrics
  • View and visualize tickets by agent, category, status, organization, etc
  • Configurable priorities, status levels and categories
  • Tie resource pools to categories to auto-assign tickets to agents
  • Agents have the flexibility to set their own schedules
  • Full support for attachments
  • Configurable e-mail parsers to pre-populate new tickets with form data
  • Create new tickets or run searches and reports through a complete API
  • Access individual ticket information outside of the BOSS interface
  • Integrate with third party web sites or the BOSS Self-Help application for end-user access
  • View performance statistics from the agent level to the entire enterprise
  • Custom fields at a global or category level offers unlimited possibilities for data collection
  • Best practice information from IntraMeta ensures you maximize the effectiveness of BOSS
  • Record and produce time records for hourly billing to clients