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Empower your customers.

Self Help is a secure, web tool that subscribers can use to manage their individual services and settings. As with BOSS Captive Portal, Self Help can be completely customized to match the look of a provider’s web site and brand identity. Self Help alleviates some of the burden put on support personnel, allowing customers to manage their own account or sign up for new services. Using their current BOSS account, the subscriber logs in and has immediate access to any of their BOSS-integrated services.

Subscribers, whose provider uses BOSS Service Provisioning to manage their offering, would be able to add services, upgrade their existing services or make changes. Subscribers can upgrade their mail settings, data connection, change their voicemail PIN number and notification, or change their channel lineup all from the same interface. Subscribers can also view usage details or purchase history, as well as manage parental controls and add additional equipment such as a game console or laptop for Internet access.

  • Reduce support overhead through subscriber self-care
  • Customizable interface to match existing brand aesthetic
  • Increased service uptake through immediate access to additional services
  • Single web site for subscribers to manage all their services
  • Provide protected access to customer specific content
  • Subscribers have fewer barriers to interact with support staff
  • Heightened awareness of the subscriber’s experience

The more you know, the more you can do. Let BOSS enhance your customer relationships.