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IntraMeta DHCP

One of the key components of activating IP services is to efficiently manage the IP addresses assigned to the devices that utilize those services. The BOSS Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) service automates the provisioning of IP addresses to these devices as well as important configuration settings for the next generation of IP based services. This high-availability solution allows operators to centrally manage the activation of equipment that utilize this protocol. Capable of handling even the largest deployments, the BOSS DHCP service automates company policy at the edge and ensures smooth operation for all your network services.

Key Features:

  • Variable service levels
  • Supports MAC-based authorization (Captive Portal)
  • Hot provisioning
  • Extensible with plug-in architecture
  • High Performance (60x throughput of competitive products)
  • High Availability Clustering
  • Configurable lease assignment rules
  • Records every datagram, in and out
  • Fully searchable, indexed logs
  • Integrated SNMP poller (cable modems, wireless devices, DSL, ...)
  • Quickly identifies faulty devices
  • IP Utilization Reports
  • SNMP Agent exposes stats and sends traps to NMS
  • Automatically detects IP conflicts