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IntraMeta DNS

IntraMeta offers a powerful domain name solution as part of the BOSS IP Services suite. Designed with service companies and the provider in mind, it gives a simple interface that lets you quickly manage everything from simple host records to the more complicated tasks that providers need. IntraMeta’s domain name service goes beyond other hosted services by supporting the more complex set of services designed for the rich media provider. Service location records allow quicker Voice over IP rollouts and handset configuration. Sender policy framework records protect your domain names from abuse by spammers, and our custom cascading reverse lookup support is designed specifically for large IP networks. Dynamic DNS support gives providers the ability to differentiate themselves from competition and provide a more valuable service to their customers.

Key Features:

  • Standard record support: A records, Source of Authority, Mail Exchange, Name Server and Pointer records
  • Service location (SRV) extensions for Voice over IP and IP television applications
  • Search functionality to quickly manage a large set of domain names
  • Auto generation of lengthy reverse DNS lookup records
  • Easily introduce naming conventions for IP records to quickly determine an IPs location or installation site
  • Sender Policy Framework (SPF) support to combat spam and the abuse of domain names by spammers