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Fully-Managed Voice over IP

The BOSS platform has a unique, extensible framework for managing triple play IP services such as voice and video. Our driver support allows our customers to quickly incorporate the management of their soft switches or PBX servers into the BOSS platform even if there are multiple vendors or types on their network.

With our SIP termination partners, we can help you quickly establish your voice services anywhere in North America, all centrally managed as another service inside BOSS.

Utilizing our unique workflow management system, you can orchestrate your sign-up process for new customers and easily offer multiple voice services and bundle them with high-speed broadband or IP television service for a more competitive offering. Automated provisioning and visibility into workflow events gives the customer a greater experience and builds brand loyalty.

Key Features:

  • Integrated management of mixed telephony platforms, engines, and handsets
  • Seamlessly provision and manage voice services with your existing offering
  • CALEA compliance reports are a click away with search and sort capability
  • Monitor utilization and automatically create support tickets when thresholds are reached
  • Inward dialing available for nearly 7,000 rate centers in North America
  • Dramatically reduce time to market by deploying BOSS integrated voice services
  • Tight integration with your existing billing platform for accurate, unified bills