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IntraMeta Mail

IntraMeta Mail is a purpose-built solution for Internet and media providers looking for a managed e-mail product for their staff and customers. IntraMeta Mail has the latest technologies that customers have come to expect from their e-mail: leading edge spam and virus protection, large storage limits and attachment sizes, desktop and robust web access, auto-responder, mailing lists and integrated contact and calendar management.

As an integrated BOSS module, IntraMeta Mail lets providers implement a simple, managed e-mail solution designed with the specific needs of service providers in mind. Operators can quickly administer large numbers of mailboxes, provision mail services automatically and view usage statistics per-user, site, or across the enterprise. Providers can create service packages that automatically configure their subscriber’s mail features accordingly, such as mailbox size.

Spam and virus protection are updated serveral times an hour. The service continually monitors usage patterns for abuse and spammers, notifying the appropriate personnel or filing a support ticket if necessary. Individual users or network addresses can be blocked or, using the BOSS Captive Portal, forced to sign a cease-and-desist in order to restore service. Additionally, in conjunction with the BOSS DNS service, providers can prevent the abuse of their domain by spammers using Sender Policy Framework records.

IntraMeta Mail lets companies meet today’s business communications requirements without ever spending more than they need to. There are no setup costs, no software to buy and no hardware to maintain. You purchase only the services required, BOSS delivers the scalable platform you need to compete in today’s market.

Key Features:

  • Per mailbox pricing, your IT costs grow with your organization
  • Customized domains such as “” for all your users
  • Configurable storage and transfer limits
  • Create service bundles or packages for tiered offerings
  • Access mail from any desktop client such as Thunderbird or Outlook®
  • Off-network access to send and receive mail with your desktop client even when you’re on the road
  • Web-mail access, simplifies getting to your mail from anywhere in the world
  • Auto responders for when you’re out of town
  • Mailing lists to ease business e-mail use
  • Integrated contacts and calendar support
  • Leading edge spam and virus filtering
  • Self-help web page for each user to manage their settings
  • Administrator web page to create accounts, groups and policies
  • Abuse and corporate monitoring that provides reports and notifications
  • Support for POP, IMAP and SMTP-Authentication